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Rodeo Roper
Rodeo Roper

Saddle on up and try this electronic calf roping machine!


Rockwalls of all types

Imagine a 24 foot high, four sided mountain to climb at your next event; giving your guests the same excitement they've seen on TV! Well, you need not imagine it because we have it.

Sand Art

Create your own work of art in colorful sand in containers. We supply you with over a dozen colors of sand & different bottles to choose from. Beautiful colorful creation!

Scary Wax Hands

A scary twist on our classic Wax Hands Event! Guests love making wax molds of their hands, even if the end result may look like a creepy scary decoration!

Silicone Braclets

Customized on site. Available in a range of solid or mixed colors.

Sign Shop

Street signs personalized for your guests.

Spin Art Frisbees and Shutter Shades
Our custom made machines spin frisbee style discs while the kids drip paint on them spin art style! Shutter Shades - Customize Shutter Shades. Drops of paint are placed, as the item is spinning.
Star Stage Make Your Own Music Video Show
Star Stage

16,000 + Lipsync and Karaoke Songs Dating from 50's to present--50 + High Resolution Video Back Grounds-Gigantic Costume & Prop Dept-Microphones for live singing-Free DVD of each act-Free Master Copy for your organization.

Sumo Wrestling

Transform into the world of ancient sumo as soon as they step inside the huge, foam filled costumes. It's as fun to watch as it is to play.

Tie Dyed T-Shirts

Try our new low mess Tie Dye system. These shirts are dyed using our new spray dye. We bring over a dozen colors allowing you to be more creative than ever before.

Tiki Bar - Inflatable

An industry first! Let us add a little flavor to your next event with this TIki themed inflatable bar!


Trampoline Thing

Jumpers reach heights that would be impossible using a trampoline alone, secured and safe in their adjustable purpose built harness they are free to experiment with acrobatic movements and summersaults or jump as high as they can.


Twin Spin

Here is a great interactive ride for everyone. Four participants climb aboard, buckle the belts and off you go! As you begin pumping the handles, around you start to spin. The faster you pump the faster you go!

Video Gaming XBox-Wii-Playstation
Music Video Dance Party

Play your favorite games XBox, WII, Play Station on our giant screens and sound systems.

Wax Hands Creations
Wax Hands Creations

We use a special blend of low temperatures and super-flexible waxes that allows you to dip your hand in wax, then easily remove the mold thus transforming it into a Wax Hand.

Water Events

Get Wet!! Choose from many different water events including Water Tag Pursuit, Slip N Slide , water slides & more!

Water Tag Pursuit

This water Tag event is designed for more competitive water battles!
It comes with 12 vests & 12 super soaker water guns. A giant inflatable bunker field, tons of places to hid & take cover! Reload at the water filling station. Just strap on the vest and blast your opponent filling their Water Tag vest.

Wax Dipped Flowers

We bring fresh flowers to your event which are then dipped in colored wax of guest choice.

Wire Name Art

Our artists create handcrafted wire name Jewelry or wire name wall art onsite. Each piece is unique and makes the perfect gift!

You Stuff It Pet Shop

This a pawsitively amazing activity! Comes with unstuffed animals of your choice, Stuffing, Wishing Star, sound module, Birth Certificates & a custom T-shirt with your school logo to make this event even more fun & interactive.

Zen Garden
Zen Garden

As you rake the sand around the beach themed props. Choose from many different themed props. Choose patterns & designs reflecting swirling pools or swift streams. It is the patterns evolving from the contemplative mind that provide the most serene landscapes. Experiment, meditate & enjoy!

Zing Swing
Zing Swing

Human powered gyroscope. This is a zero-gravity simulator that provides fun for ages 10 & up. Experience the feeling of anti-gravity.


Zip Line
Zing Swing

Zip through the air on this exciting mobile zip line!
For the Thrill seeker in all of us experience the rush of the most exciting mobile zip line in the world.

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