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Leave your guests begging for more as they experience the exquisite aromas and flavors of the world with our luscious coffee, cocoa and tea recipes. Our decadent blends offer much more than just another cup of "Jo".

Matcha Green Tea Latte - Savor a taste from Japan with Cafe Essentials authentic Matcha Green Tea Latte. Made from high-grade Matcha, this delicious taste delivers 274mg of polyphenols in every 8 oz. beverage.

French Vanilla Cappuccino - This French Vanilla Cappuccino is smooth, rich and laced with light buttery custard. Perfectly balanced coffee, milky dairy and vanilla create a timeless old-world experience.

Vanilla Bean - Vanilla Bean is the rich, creamy vanilla with vanilla bean inclusion you have been searching for. Indulge your taste buds and savor the true taste of vanilla with real vanilla bean today.

Ginger Spiced Chair - With intoxicating spices from the Middle East, this Ginger Spiced Chair is vibrant and exploding with genuine ginger. An irresistible taste that will please any ginger connoisseur.

Mexican Spiced Cocoa - Our Mexican Spiced Cocoa delivers a rich milky cocoa taste with just enough spice and cinnamon to get your taste buds jumping and wanting more.

Dulce de Leche - Buttery, creamy caramel and sweet, rich cream create a dual sensation that sets Dulce de Leche apart. A nice strong caramel melts into a rich dairy profile, then leaves a sweet aftertaste of toasted caramel. Savor the ultimate experience.

Chocoholics Choice HOT - This new cocoa provides a silky smooth chocolate flavor with a delicate dairy presence. Chocoholics Choice conveys a semi-sweet chocolate flavor profile with a rich and creamy texture that is sure to impress. A most versatile cocoa that is designed to taste great hot or cold. BLENDED WITH ICE - A blended beverage with with Chocoholics in mind... Simply put... chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!! Reminiscent of a frozen fudge bar, this blended beverage is sure to crave more, more, more!!!

Belgian Style Dark Hot Cocoa We have brought cocoa to a whole new level of taste and intensity.  The Rich European style of the Belgian Style Dark has a wonderful dark cocoa flavor profile while retaining hints of creamy dairy, it has a rich velvety texture and the flavor lingers.

Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa The Chocolate Truffle awakens the softer side of your pallet with distinct creamy dairy notes, followed by a lighter cocoa flavor profile.  This is your milky hot cocoa, but luxurious.

Hot and Honey Spiced Chair - This blend is not for the timid or weak of heart.  Alive and vibrant, the spices come forward and let their presence be known.  The great flavor of real honey in a creamy base serves up a very unique taste experience that says, "There's nothing shy about this chair!"

Vanilla Chai - Relax with this serene blend.  Vanilla Chai is the more quiet spoken of the group...mellow and creamy, with tones of wholesome honey and a hint of spice for those who enjoy a mellow spiced chai.

Almond Mocha - Like nuts and chocolate?  Then the nutty Almond Mocha is the perfect blend to satisfy your craving.  Special dark cocoa and real almonds create yet another taste masterpiece.  ENJOY!

Toffee Chocolate - In your face toffee is the hallmark of this absolutely original signature blend.  The strong Toffee and Chocolate is reminiscent of a tasty toffee ice cream bar.  The excellent flavor sticks with you and keeps you asking for more.  Great hot or cold.

Ja’Mocha - Ja’Mocha is an exceptional blend of rich Ghirardelli Cocoa combined with a deep, dark roast Colombian coffee. Rich, creamy and satisfying…..For that great “coffee house” taste, just say “Ja’Mocha”!!

Cocoa'ccino- Want more than a cup of java? Try Cocoa'ccino today! Cocoa'ccino is designed for the coffee lovers in the crowd. The finest dark roast Colombian Coffee complements a hint of Ghirardelli Cocoa in this blend. Smooth and Creamy…..YUM!!

Truly Latte - This delectable blend combines dark roast Colombian coffee with vanilla and cream. Truly Latte is perfect as a blended iced latte, served over ice or as a base to add flavored syrups to. Lactose free and low fat, this drink is quick and delicious!

Chai Original - Chai Original is the perfect balance of spices blended with vanilla and black tea. This medium spiced Chai Tea can be poured over ice, served frozen blended or hot.

Milk Chocolate Mocha - The healthiest mocha just got better! Reminiscent of the chocolate milk you enjoyed as a child, Milk Chocolate Mocha takes it to the next level. The great taste of delicious Ghirardelli cocoa and deep, rich Colombian coffee are harmonized to perfection.

Mocha Java - Two varieties of coffees are combined with a darker Ghirardelli cocoa for a classic coffeehouse taste. Recommended for the client who wants a stronger coffee flavor. Mocha Java is pure decadence, minus the guilt!

DECAFFEINATED BLENDS - Same great taste without caffeine! Choose from Ja’Mocha, Cocoa'ccino, and Truly Latte.

Flavors and recipes may vary according to manufacturer availabilities & seasonal products.

Cafe` Glossary of Terms

A few terms for you to peruse at your leisure.. perhaps while drinking a nice cool Ja'Mocha...

Americana - A delicious cup of dark roast continental coffee.

Americano - A single shot of espresso with 6 - 8 ounces of hot water.

Americana Latte - A delicious dark roast continental coffee with just a touch of milk.

Arabica - A type of bean from which specialty coffee comes. Grown at high altitudes in tropical countries and generally are dark roasted and fuller flavored than other beans.

Aroma - The smell of the gasses released from brewed coffee.

Black Tea - The most widely consumed tea in the world, especially in the USA where over 90% of tea used is this type. Processed by oxidation and fermentation.

Blended Tea - Various teas blended together. As many as 20 teas can be blended together to achieve a desired taste profile.

Barista - Person who makes espresso and specialty coffee drinks. A coffee bartender.

Body - The thickness of a coffee. It can range from thin to creamy.

Broken Orange Pekoe - A grade of dried tea. The larger the pieces the more valuable the tea.

Café Au Lait - Similar to a Caffe Latte, except it is made with a strong, dark roast coffee instead of espresso using a 1:1 ratio.

Cafe Breva - A Cappuccino made with foamed half and half instead of whole milk.

Caffe Latte - A single shot of espresso with steamed milk (an approximate 3:1 ratio of milk to coffee).

Cafe Macchiato - A shot of espresso, served in a demitasse and topped off with steamed milk.

Café Mocha - A decadent rich hot chocolate mixed with a strong serving of espresso.

Cappuccino - Rich espresso combined with a small amount of steamed milk and then topped with a cloud of foamed milk. Most commonly made as 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 cappuccino foam. Normally, a steaming wand is used to heat and aerate, or froth the milk.

Chai Tea - An Indian Continental favorite made with black tea, spices and steamed milk.

Chocolate-Cocoa - A decadent rich hot chocolate whipped and capped with a thick layer of dense creamy froth.

Crema: The sweet tasting oily coating atop a properly brewed shot of espresso.

Cupping - A method used by coffee buyers to test coffee. The "cupper" will assess the beans for proper appearance then smells and tastes the brew.

Decaffeinated - Removal of caffeine while the beans are raw. Methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, swiss water and french water are the four methods used.

Demitasse - A small cup, generally having a 3oz capacity, commonly used to serve espresso.

Double-Shot Espresso - A true double shot of espresso for those days when one shot is just not enough.

Double No Fun - A latte made with two shots of decaffeinated espresso and non-fat milk.

Double Tall Skinny - A 12 ounce latte made with non-fat milk and two shots of espresso.

Dry - Refers to a cappuccino with a small amount of foam and no steamed milk.

Espresso - The finest quality, dark roast coffee, producing a strong, flavor-filled, traditional espresso coffee. Made by introducing very hot steamy water very quickly to a special grind that produces a rich product. It can be made from any type coffee that has been ground correctly. A perfect shot consists of the "heart" = the dark brown base, the "body" = the billowy middle of the shot, and the "crema" = the caramel colored foam on top. It's usually made a shot at a time, with a shot being about 1 ounce of water per 6 to 8 grams of ground beans.

Espresso Con Panna - A shot of espresso with whipped cream.

Fannings - Smaller pieces of tea leaves than is graded for the broken orange pekoe.

Flavored Mocha - A choice of delicious flavored regular or decaffeinated gourmet coffee with a non-dairy creamer.

Flavored Mocha with Milk - A choice of delicious flavored regular or decaffeinated gourmet coffee with a non-dairy creamer with creamy frothed milk .

Frothed Milk: Thick, velvety, foamy milk that's used before the foam and milk have had time to separate.

Gram - This is how tea is sold around the world. Two grams is the standard measure to make one cup of tea.

Grande: A 16 ounce drink.

Green Tea - Tea that has undergone minimal processing. Has a milder taste and is mostly popular in Japan and China.

Grind - The faster the brewing process the finer the grind. Espresso would be the finest grind.

Herbal Infusion - Tea that is manufactured with NO TEA LEAVES!!! It is made from tree bark, seeds, grasses, fruit peels, berries, and flowers. Contains no caffeine.

Latte - Espresso with steamed milk topped with foamed milk. Contains much more milk than a cappuccino. Toppings include nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate syrup or flavored syrups.

Leaded: A drink with caffeine.

Long Shot: A shot of espresso made with more water than usual to produce a more diluted drink.

Lungo: Same as a long shot. ( In Italy)

Mocha - A cappuccino or caffe latte with chocolate syrup added.

Mochaccino - Frothed steamed milk, a serving of rich espresso and a decadent rich hot chocolate mixed to make the ultimate espresso drink.

Orange Pekoe - Large sized tea leaf that is essentially intact after drying and sifting.

Roasting - Converting the green beans to roasted beans in a conversion called pyrolosis at a temperature of 400 to 550 Fahrenheit.

Red Eye: A shot of espresso in a cup of American style coffee.

Ristretto: A shot of espresso made with less water than usual to produce a stronger brew. Also called a short shot.

Robusta: The type of coffee bean from which most mass-produced coffee comes. It's higher yielding, less expensive to produce, and not as flavorful as arabica beans. Robusta contains more caffeine than arabica.

Short: An 8 ounce drink.

Skinny - An espresso drink made with non-fat milk.

Split Shot: A shot of espresso made with half regular and half decaf.

Sweet Nothing: A decaffeinated latte made with non-fat milk and artificial sweetener.

Tall: A 12 ounce drink

Tannin - A prominent chemical in tea that creates it pungency and taste. Tannin is responsible for the "drying" effect in your mouth when consuming teas.

Tisane - The European term for herbal infusion.

Upside Down: A drink in which the steamed milk and/or milk foam is added to the cup and the espresso is poured last.

Unleaded: A drink without caffeine